5 Best Laser Marking Machine

Looking for a laser marking machine? Check out our 2020 buyer’s guide to the 5 best laser marking machine. Includes an overview of the different technologies.

much like the recent transformation we’ve seen within the 3D printing market, subtractive manufacturing technologies are also becoming much more accessible to a broader audience. Instead of building an object in a layer-by-layer fashion, these laser-based methods are able to integrate or engrave graphics into a workpiece, usually made from plastic, metal, or wood. While these subtractive technologies may seem identical on the surface, laser marking offers distinct abilities over more well-known methods, such as laser engraving and laser cutting.

Put simply, laser marking is a process that marks or labels the surface of a workpiece using a low-powered laser beam.  The technique is commonly used to apply barcodes, logos, QR codes, and other types of identification into materials like stainless steel and titanium.

It can be a difficult task understanding how these various processes work and how laser marking separates itself from laser engraving and laser etching. On top of that, trying to find the optimal laser marking machine for your product development needs can prove to be an even more daunting experience.

To help you sort through the most popular entry-level laser marking machines on the market, we’ve sifted through the interweb to bring you ten of the best and more affordable. Our Buyer’s Guide also includes an introduction to the technology, how it differs from similar processes, as well as the benefits of using laser marking for various applications.