Application of laser marking machine

Laser marking machines have been commonly used in foreign manufacturing industries for many years. At present, they are widely used in automotive and motorcycle parts, electronic components, hardware tools, sanitary ware, clothing accessories, aerospace and other industries. Most of them use laser marking. The machine directly marks related Chinese characters, graphics, numbers and letters such as company name and trademark, product specifications, shifts, serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting passwords, etc. on the relevant products, thus replacing mechanical, printing, chemical corrosion, inkjet Traditional marking methods such as printing.

With the development of laser marking machine technology, more and more manufacturers have begun to use laser marking. Such as industrial bearings, gears, various automotive parts, hardware tools, integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, watches and clocks, electronics and communications products, home appliances, wires and cables, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco and other fields of graphic and text marking.

In the field of auto parts laser processing, laser marking is one of the widely used technologies, and most materials of auto parts are metal materials. Generally, semiconductor laser marking machines and fiber laser marking machines are used for laser marking. Focuslaser Laser marking machine is the crystallization product of contemporary high-tech laser technology and computer technology. Laser marking technology is also called laser marking and laser marking. In recent years, it has been used more and more in auto parts. Compared with the traditional mechanical engraving, chemical etching, screen printing, ink printing and other methods, laser marking of auto parts has low cost, high flexibility, and computer system control. Laser marking machine acts on the surface of auto parts. Producing the firmness and permanence of the mark is its distinguishing feature. The laser marking system can implement a single product identification number for mass-produced auto parts, and then mark the auto parts with a bar code or two-dimensional code array, which can effectively help implement production process control, quality control, and ensure product Security.

1. Principle of laser marking machine for auto parts:

The basic principle of fiber laser marking machine marking is that a high-energy continuous laser beam is generated by a laser generator. When the laser is applied to automobile parts, the atoms in the ground state transition to higher energy states; the atoms in the higher energy state It is unstable and will quickly return to the ground state. When the atoms return to the ground state, extra energy will be released in the form of photons or quantum, and converted from light energy to heat energy, which will instantly melt or even vaporize the auto parts. Form graphic marks.

2.Laser marking machine advantages:

High precision: The laser processing accuracy can reach within millimeters, which can realize ultra-fine graphic marking.

Good efficiency: The laser processing speed is fast, and the use of automatic assembly line and robot can greatly improve production efficiency.

The effect is good: the laser can complete the graphic marking of the accessories at different depths, and realize the effects of laser whitening, laser blacking, and laser coloring.

Wide range of materials: Laser marking machines are suitable for most automotive parts materials, including metal or non-metal.

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