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Daily maintenance of optical fiber laser marking machine

1.This machine does not work, should cut marking machines and power the computer on.

2.This machine does not work, the field lens lens cover to prevent dust pollution optical lenses.

3.This circuit in high-voltage state machine work, non-professionals, do not boot maintenance to avoid electrical shock hazards.

4.Any failures should immediately cut off the power of this machine.

5.Equipment used for a long time, the dust in the air will be absorbed on the focusing lens on the bottom surface, the light will reduce the power of the laser, effects of marking effect; heat too warm explosion causing optical lenses. When marking abad effect, you should carefully check whether focus lens surface is contaminated.

6.If focusing mirror surface is contaminated, remove the focusing lens cleaning its bottom surface.

7.Remove the focusing lens should be especially careful, careful not to hit or hurt and also do not use your hands or other objects touching focusing mirror.

8.Cleaning method is to use ethanol (analytical grade) and ether (analytical grade) by a mix of 3:1, with a long-fibre cotton swab or lens paper into the mixture, gentlyscrub the focusing mirror surface of the lower end, wipe the side need to be replaced once a cotton swab or lens paper.

9.In the working process of marking shall not move marking machines, so as to avoid damage to the machine.

10.Marking machines not covered or placed on other articles so as not to affect themachine cooling.

If you still don’t understand, please contact Focuslaser .