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Difference between laser marking and pneumatic marking

Now many customers do not know whether the laser marking machine or the pneumatic marking is good when choosing a marking machine. According to a summary of the experience of the band laser, there is nothing to be tangled with. The requirements are different and the choices are different. The following details Talk about their differences.

The laser marking machine is more widely used than the pneumatic marking machine. Generally, metal or non-metal marking can be achieved by laser marking machines.Pneumatic marking machines are generally used only for nameplate marking. From the working principle, The laser marking machine is a non-contact type.The energy of the laser will vaporize the part to be marked, forming a mark.The pneumatic marking machine is mechanical, and the marking is achieved by stamping.It comes from the price. Said that pneumatic marking machines generally only cost thousands of dollars, and laser marking machines cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Generally speaking, although the laser marking machine is expensive, it has wider applicability and long service life. Customers can choose the appropriate model according to their needs.

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