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How to choose a correct fiber laser marking machine?

1. What kinds of materials need to be engraved. For fiber laser mostly is metal materials, such as gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, ect.
2. One time logo size wanted, such as I want to engrave a logo 50mm*50mm one time with a fiber laser marking machine. Then we can choose a F163 focus lens to get a marking area 110*110mm.
3. Power choose: fiber laser marking machine has different powers, such as 22W, 32W, 53W, 100W, this is depends on your speed needs or deep needed to choose, the more deep you want the higher power you need to choose, the smaller focus distance you need to use.
4. Rotary needed or not, if you want marking on an cylinder object such as a ring, then we need to choose a rotary.
5. Online marking? With an industry line we need choose a on line fiber laser marking machine.