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How to choose a laser engraving machine and laser engraving machine manufacturer

Regarding how to choose a laser marking machine and a laser marking machine manufacturer, you must first make clear what the laser marking machine is required to do and what problems you should solve. (Important !!!) Many customers are easily confused if their needs are not clear, because the current Chinese laser equipment market, especially the fiber laser marking machine market, is very messy, which makes it difficult for customers to choose and the price is very large. Difference, the price is high, I am afraid that I will lose, the price is low, and I am also worried about quality. This is also the general psychological state of consumers.

After clarifying your needs, the best way is to use materials to test. Now most manufacturers will provide free sample testing. If conditions permit, you can visit the site. The effect is the most obvious. If the effect fails, it will definitely not be considered. Everyone knows the purpose of visiting the site. Not only can we know whether the laser marking machine manufacturer really exists, but also the scale, production level and other advantages of the laser marking machine manufacturer. An industry-leading laser marking machine manufacturer can sometimes provide you with intangible help, because he has been exposed to the latest trends in the industry, and even understands the development trends of the industry. Will be of great help.

Finally, the most important factor that determines everyone, price.

As the saying goes, free of charge is often the most expensive. Everyone knows these reasons. Some losses, only to know before I tasted. However, Focuslaser does not want customers and friends to suffer unnecessary losses, so, to say something, a common phenomenon. Let everyone know what money should be spent and what should not be spent. Now is the era of the Internet. We search for laser marking opportunities. Many businesses are present in front of us. Therefore, many customers will call me and ask me why your equipment is so expensive and how much is sold online. Friends who have bought it will know that, like this type of B2B platform, it has a price range. Often the price you see is different from the price of the product you want. The second case is that he does sell for a low price, so at this time you have to ask what part of his price is included. (Including: machine configuration, warranty time, delivery, commissioning, freight, on-site service fees and an after-sales training. This training is very important for new customers who enter the laser industry. The machine will not operate and will cause great disadvantage .Focuslaser laser marking machine can provide training services to customers.)

If you still don’t understand, please contact us.

Focuslaser is a national high-tech enterprise integrating laser equipment research and development, production, sales and service.

Since its establishment, Focuslaser has always attached importance to R & D innovation and adhered to the self-developed product line. It has formed a top team of more than 60 senior software engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and industrial designers who have been in the laser field for more than ten years. Technical R & D team.

After-sales service and warranty can define the success of your business. It also tells a lot about the quality of the machine. The standard technology can have 1 or 2 years warranty while most of the FDA and CE standards machines can work with 3 years warranty.

Remember that the most common problems in fiber optic machines are power source cuts and burning heads. Although these machines do not need any maintenance, it is very common to see many people looking for spare parts or changing the power sources after a year of work.

That happens because the sources of fiber optic power source overheat and go to short circuit.

That is why you must choose a machine with a good guarantee that can cover the source of optical fiber because this is the soul of the machine.

The other common problem is lens corrosion or lens fungus, and this problem is common with the low-cost lenses that can be found in the Chinese market.