Whether you buy a gift for that special someone from Etsy, Things Remembered, or even if you create your own gift in your shop-without a doubt-often the most unique, emotional, and most memorable gifts are those that show it took some thought , time, and effort to create. Everyone appreciates a custom or personalized gift.
The CO2 laser not only allows you to showcase your creative talents but it also allows you to offer up that one-of-a-kind expressive piece that people can value and cherish as a keepsake for years and years. CO2 laser machines enable you to permanently laser engrave or etch photos, images, logos, designs and messages on all types of organic material surfaces whether its for a gift, hobby, or for the profit of your small business. Adding simple logos, messages, names, or images adds tremendous perceived value to any item.
If you’re looking to start your own business, using a laser cutter within the custom engraved gift industry is a niche that offers almost a limitless income potential for both online and brick and mortar businesses. Companies like Things Remembered, Etsy, Disney, and Hallmark continue to make a fortune by personalizing and engraving gifts for their customers.
-engraved crystal gifts
-engraved baby gifts
-engraved wedding invitations
-engraved phone and ipad cases
-engraved drink and glassware
-engraved plaques
-engraved corporate gifts
-engraved marble or granite memorial plaques
-engraved picture frames
-engraved leather bracelets and wallets
-engraved iphone cases, laptops, and ipads
-engraved photo albums
-engraved key chains
-engraved Yeti or stainless steel tumblers
-engraved wedding gifts
-engraved diplomas and certificates
-engraved awards and trophies
-engraved glassware, plates, mugs, etc.

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