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Laser processing is required for your phone

Your usual mobile phone has the shadow of laser technology everywhere, such as: logo marking, mobile phone keys, mobile phone shell, mobile phone battery, mobile phone accessories, etc., even inside the invisible mobile phone, there are also parts used focuslaser laser marking.

Mobile phone frame manufacturing

In response to market demand, mobile phone manufacturers have been pursuing the development of excellent industrial designs, ultra-thin metal bodies, ultra-narrow bezels, light-alloy metal plating processes, multiple coating treatments, and various extreme industrial designs applied to various branded mobile phones. It is simply a face-off.

Mobile phone case marking

Laser marking is a high-density laser that locally irradiates the workpiece, which vaporizes the surface material or changes the color of the chemical reaction, leaving a permanent marking method. It has high accuracy, high speed, and clear marking. Features. Mobile phones use laser marking as a permanent marking method, which not only improves anti-counterfeiting capabilities, but also adds added value, making the product look higher-level and more brand-conscious.

With the technological progress of the microelectronics industry and people’s pursuit of personalization of mobile phones, fine laser processing technology will play an increasingly important role in mobile phone manufacturing. At the same time, Chuangke laser equipment is also widely used in other microelectronics manufacturing related industries.

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