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Leather CO2 Laser Machine Hollow Carving Application

Question: I want to engraving logo on leather, which laser machine should be used?

Answer:  CO2 Laser Marking Machine

The current leather laser machine engraving process is more traditional than cutting and hot-burning. Due to the use of advanced numerical control technology and unique non-contact processing and computer control, the laser can be processed after importing the finished map into the machine! It is generally not limited by graphics when working, and does not cause any mechanical deformation. It has high accuracy, fast speed, no burrs, and good quality. In addition, the leather laser machine has a wider applicability. It can be used for punching, hollowing and carving on various leathers, furs, and shoes. It can also engraving special patterns and effects at will, making the processing more delicate and creative.

The leather laser machine uses a laser beam to mark the surface of the leather material for a long time. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, thereby engraving exquisite patterns, trademarks and words. The laser light path change is driven by two galvanometer motors, and the third axis is driven by a pre-scanning focusing system, so that the focusing distance can be adjusted widely. Through the numerical control laser irradiation, the dye on the leather surface is vaporized, so that it can be used on various leathers. Create effects that will not fade, such as image patterns, gradient flower shapes, perforations, etc.

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