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Principle of Mopa laser color marking on Stainless steel

With the rapid development of laser technology, fiber laser marking machines have become more and more widely used in various industries. Ordinary fiber laser marking machines can only mark without black and white. In addition to inkjet and colored paint, MOPA fiber laser marking machines can now be used to create new technologies for color laser marking.

Its advantage is that its pulse width and frequency are independently adjustable. Adjusting one of them will not affect other laser parameters, and this characteristic brings unlimited possibilities to stainless steel color marking.

Color laser marking is a new type of laser marking process. At present, this technology can only mark color patterns on stainless steel, chromium, titanium and other metal materials. The MOPA color laser marking machine can change the color of the surface layer of the material by adjusting the laser beam when coloring the stainless steel material, so as to obtain decorative effects with different colors and add value to the product.

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For the stainless steel products industry, the color laser marking machine can add the color of the marking pattern, and can edit various text patterns as desired, fast marking speed, etc.

Features of MOPA fiber laser marking machine:

1. Convenient and easy to operate

2. Stable laser beam and strong laser power

3. Environmental protection and pollution-free

4. Can make bright and delicate colors on metal at one time

5. Greatly increase the added value of stainless steel products

6. The machine runs stably and its lifespan is up to multi-years

7. Enhance the market competitiveness of stainless steel products