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the advantages of fiber laser marking machine

The use of fiber laser marking machines is becoming more and more widespread. Due to its unique advantages, more customers are favored. The following will discuss with us the advantages of fiber laser marking machines?

Advantages of fiber laser marking machine:

1. Can process most metal and non-metal materials.

2. The laser uses non-mechanical “tools” for processing. It does not produce mechanical squeeze or mechanical stress on the material, there is no “tool” wear, non-toxic, and rarely causes environmental pollution.

3. The laser beam is very thin, so that the consumption of the material to be processed is small.

4. During processing, it will not generate X-rays like processing methods such as electron beam bombardment, and it will not be disturbed by electric and magnetic fields.

5.Simple operation, the use of microcomputer numerical control technology can realize automatic processing, can be used for high-speed and efficient processing of parts and components on the production line, and can be used as part of the flexible processing system.

6. Fine micro-machining can be performed using precision worktable.

7. Use microscopy or camera system to observe or monitor the condition of the processed surface.

8. It can pass through light-transmitting materials (such as quartz and glass) to process its internal parts.

9. A prism or mirror system can be used to focus the beam on the inner surface or inclined surface of the workpiece for processing.

10. Can mark bar codes, numbers, characters, patterns and other signs.

11. The line width of these signs can be as small as 12mm and the line depth can be less than 10mm, so it can mark the surface of parts of “millimeter level” size.

From the above, it is not difficult to know why the price of fiber laser marking machine is relatively expensive, but so many companies still choose focuslaser fiber laser marking machine.

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