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The Classification Of Laser Marking Machine

Lamp pumped YAG laser marking machine: the krypton lamp as an energy source (source), ND:YAG as the laser medium, a specific wavelength can be material production-level jump release laser, laser energy is amplified on the formation of material processing laser beam.

CO2 laser marking machine: using CO2 gas discharge tube is filled as the lasermedium, high voltage at electrode discharge generated glow discharge tube, which makes gas molecules releasing laser, laser energy is amplified on the formationof material processing laser beam.

Diode side-pump YAG laser marking machine: using a wavelength of 808nm laser diode diode pumped ND: YAG medium, which makes the media produce a large number of population inversion in the presence of Q-switching to form giant pulse laser output wavelength of 1064nm, electro-optical conversion efficiency is high.

Diode end-pumped YAG laser marking machine: direct from the end semiconductor pumping laser crystal (808nm) pumped laser-optical output. Light conversionefficiency is greatly improved.

Optical fiber laser marking machine: the output directly by fiber laser.

Green laser marking machine: Green laser marking machine is the use of the most advanced with a wavelength of 532nm laser technology (side-pumped or end-pumped) designed and developed.

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