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The processing methods of laser marking machine common problems

As a mature marking equipment, the laser marking machine produced by Focuslaser has a very low probability of failure. The advantages of a laser marking machine are fast marking speed, fine lines and good results. It is used for many products with higher marking requirements.

How long will the laser marking machine encounter some small faults, the following band Focuslaser will explain to you some of the small faults that may occur in fiber laser marking machines. In order for you to judge and eliminate some simple faults in time, we have listed the prone faults and the methods to solve the problems.

1. Fault: The power indicator is not on; Cause: The power cord is not connected properly, and the power indicator is broken.

Solution: Connect the power cord and replace the indicator.

2. Fault: The laser indicator is on and there is no laser output; the reason for the fault is: the field lens lens cover is not removed, and the power percentage is set too small.

Treatment method: Remove the lens cap of the field lens and increase the power percentage.

3. Fault: The laser indicator is off and there is no laser output; the reason for the fault: the signal cable is not connected well.

Solution: Reconnect the signal cable.

4. Fault: The laser indicator is off and there is laser output; the cause of the fault: the laser indicator is damaged.

Solution: Replace the laser indicator.

If you can’t troubleshoot by yourself through the above methods, you can contact the after-sales customer service of Focuslaser. The laser marking machines produced by Focuslaser are guaranteed after-sales, and will troubleshoot for you at a very fast speed. Please rest assured to buy .

If you still don’t understand, please contact Focuslaser .