Configuration factors affecting the fineness of laser marking machine

Laser marking machine can print various patterns by laser. What is the fineness of the printed lines? How to make products mark more fine lines? As a manufacturer specializing in laser marking machines, Focuslaser Laser will discuss the fine lines and related configuration of laser marking machines today.

The first thing to consider is the divergence angle of the laser beam of the laser marking machine. This is an inherent reason found from the optical principles. The divergence angle of the laser beam means that the beams are all divergent, and the divergence angle is a measure. The size of the divergence, the divergence angle is 0, is our ultimate goal in the laser industry. However, in theory and practice, we can only make the laser divergence angle close to 0, and there is no way to achieve a divergence angle of 0. We know from physics in junior high school that if a beam of real parallel light passes through the focusing lens, the parallel light will converge on a point, which is a straight infinitely small point. However, because there is no real parallel light with a divergence angle of 0 in this world, it is impossible to achieve an infinitely small point. The focused points have a size, which is exactly the size that is marked with our marking machine. The lines are proportional. The beam expander is an optical element that we use to compress the divergence angle of the laser beam. The larger the multiple of the beam expander, the smaller the beam divergence angle.

Secondly, we must consider the performance of the laser marking machine. The laser with a good spot mode has a small divergence angle and the laser with a poor spot mode has a large divergence angle. This is why a beam expander is not used in a fiber laser marking machine. The reason is that semiconductor marking machines are used. Of course, when our customers choose a laser marking machine, the quality of the laser becomes very important.

Finally, the factor to be considered is the interaction between the laser energy and the material of the laser marking machine. This one means that the same laser marking machine, marking different substances, has different fine lines. If the laser energy used is different, the fine effect of the marking lines will also be different.

The laser marking machine produced by Focuslaser can be configured with different lasers to meet the marking adjustment according to the different needs of customers. If you have any questions, please contact our staff in time.

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