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UV laser marker equipment line

UV laser marking equipment, with characteristics of laser equipment, can be implemented on line online flight marking features, mainly shallow marks against thin fragile items such as solar glass and so on.

Purple outside laser playing standard machine belongs to laser playing standard machine series in the of a products, is latest development out of a laser processing technology, for traditional of laser playing standard machine used of is laser is hot processing technology, in fine degrees aspects get of upgrade space has restrictive of development, however purple outside laser playing standard machine used is a cold processing, so in fine degrees, hot effect above down to has minimum, is laser technology of a big leap.

Purple outside laser processing became cold processing, is because purple outside photon of high energy molecular, directly put need processing of metal or non-metal above of molecular makes its from, however this from led to has molecular with material separation has, such of work way not produced heat, due to this not produced heat of work way thus purple outside laser processing of way became has cold processing, this on source, is with traditional laser of difference.

Based above the cold, processed products material results will get better results,better development when using cold-laser machining, materials, the probability down to 1%, so that has been the processing of all applications and laser technologya lot, believes that the future of the laser market, application of ultraviolet lasers have become increasingly prevalent.

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