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What a Fiber Laser Marking System Can Do?

Adherence to FDA guidelines for marking medical devices: Permanently mark titanium medical implants with highly contrasting black colored logos, part and serial numbers and machine readable 2-D Matrix codes.

Meet and exceed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms requirements. Precisely laser mark part and serial numbers onto firearms and small arms components to the depth and size required for permanent identification.

Produce eye-catching graphics into clear anodized aluminum parts for the high-end aftermarket automotive industry. You will be able to create dark, attractive marks into this material which will actually add beauty, not detract, to the overall aesthetics of the product.

Lasers are a non-contact engraving method (no tools to wear or break), so from the first serial number to the last, the character definition and depth will be flawless regardless of material hardness.  Laser marking systems are reliable and rugged, simple to program and cost less than one dollar per hour to operate.

Identification text, serial numbers, corporate logos, 2-D data matrix, bar coding, graphic and digital images, or any individual process data can be produced with laser marking.

  • Logos, certification symbols, barcodes, serial codes, and 2-D data matrix code
  • Simple custom text, serial numbers, bitmaps, graphic and CAD-files (HPGL)
  • Marking and cutting of foils and light-gauge steel sheets (i.e., labels) in one cycle
  • Rapid marking on precious metals with heat-sensitive materials
  • Mark, polish, anneal and etch with one machine
  • Plastic materials: day & night design for items such as mobile phone keyboards, dashboards, and other illumination components for aerospace and automotive markets
  • Set up custom jobs quickly and easily.

For over 50 years, Focuslaser has provided our clients with the best of American designed and manufactured technologies to increase productivity and profitability.  We understand that you do indeed have a choice in today’s global market, and we take our relationship with our extended family of clients as an obligation and privilege. We will be here to serve you when you are ready to discuss how a fiber laser marking system may be right for your business.