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What is Laser Etching Machine?

Laser etching as the process way to adopt laser beam to engrave the design or logo on the material, such as glass, wood, metal, leather, paper and etc. Usually, there are two types of laser, the hand-held and computer controlling. The hand-held as one of typically type, the skillful technician operates the hand-held units to correct minor errors and quality issues during the production working flow. Artisans or engraver they need be asked with rich operating experiences to finish one project. Because, they have to know how to adjust the strength of the laser tool by hand, and how to control the level of heats depends on the material.

Computer-controlled laser unit has the great advantage: it’s easy to learn and operate, and convenient to maintain. Usually, one operator can control the laser machine through computer software, finishing marking with final material by one time. Due to high precise of the laser machine, customers pay more attention on the running after purchasing, maintenance free is more popular than others, that means the big headache of long life well using is solved.There are many industries which can apply it in, such as circuit boards, IC cards, computer keys, automotive parts, tools, components and etc.

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