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What materials can UV laser machine engrave?

The UV laser machine,also named uv laser marking machine which process is direct break the object chemical bond,
The process generate much less heat to minimize thermal effect, processed material turn
to Atom level,reduce contamination to the environment. The feature of UV laser machine is short in
wavelength, Small spot size, intense energy, high solution, it’s good for precision marking,
narrow line width Requirement, high quality marking, less thermal effect, also with long term
stability. Widely used in micro machining, micro hole drilling, cutting, scribing, already apply
to many Material like metal, semiconductor material, ceramic, glass and polymer.

UV laser machine,UV laser marking machine are end pump solid state laser. Stable and compact
resonator design makes higher laser efficiency, good beam quality and high stability. Long
lifetime and maintenance free. The chamber inner LD design, reduced the fiber interference.

FOCUSLASER UV laser machine, UV laser marking machine adopts an
integrated structure design, which combines the optical and external driving circuit, making the
product series have strong anti-interference ability. Optimize and upgrade the fully sealed
structure to effectively prevent the entry of external dust. At the same time, the isolation of
external water molecules makes the whole machine have a strong anti-moisture characteristics,
making the Seal series can adapt more harsh industrial environments.