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which type laser can engrave ceramics?

Focuslaser Laser can engraving some patterns, characters and two-dimensional codes on ceramics for a long time and cannot be erased for a long time. The laser processing speed and high accuracy have been recognized by consumers. Then many customers will ask, there are so many types of laser marking machines on the market today, and the prices are different. How do I choose a laser to engrave ceramics?

First of all, ceramic products are mostly curved. Ordinary 2D laser marking machines on the market can do it, but the font or image will be deformed. Therefore, a 3D laser marking machine must be selected. Secondly, laser marking machines are divided into three categories, fiber laser marking machines, carbon dioxide laser marking machines and ultraviolet laser marking machines; as a coincidence, all three types of laser marking machines can engrave ceramics. So how do you choose? After the band laser test, it was found that for the glazed ceramic material, that is, the finished product, the fiber laser marking machine and the ultraviolet laser marking machine have made a good effect, and the ultraviolet laser marking machine has a more effective effect. However, the price of UV laser marking machine is much more expensive than fiber laser marking machine, and the efficiency will be slow.

The unglazed ones use carbon dioxide laser marking machine to make a good effect and high efficiency. The price is also the most expensive. There are also white ceramics. After engraving with a laser marking machine, it is recommended to reprocess them with black or gold paint, which will improve the overall effect.