why does the fiber laser cutting machine replace CO2 laser cutting machine?

At present, Laser equipment changes with each passing day. The pace of replacing old equipment with new equipment to become the new mainstream of manufacturing industry is accelerating continuously, such as fiber laser cutting machine replacing CO2 laser cutting machine. The reason as follows.

1.Maintenance Cost

CO2 laser cutting machine: high maintenance cost, expensive front mirror and tail mirror, short service life of turbine bearing, high replacement cost.

Fiber laser cutting machine: free maintenance, basically no consumables, and can be capable of bad working environment — It has a very high tolerance for dust, shock, impact, humidity, temperature.

2.Processing cost

CO2 laser cutting machine photoelectric conversion rate is only 8% – 10%, and fiber laser cutting machine photoelectric conversion rate can reach 30%. For factory production, even a 1% increase can save a lot of money in the long run.

3. Technology

CO2 laser has complex structure, high maintenance cost, and large beam divergence in processing, which is not suitable for large-area processing.Although the cutting seam is thin, but in the processing of thick sheet is very slow.The laser characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine are reflected in miniaturization, intensification, high brightness and high conversion rate. In the thin sheet processing, the same power fiber laser cutting machine is 2-3 times higher than CO2 cutting speed,and cutting section is smooth.

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