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laser engraving machine for leather

Leather and fur equipment are loved by fashion trends. Fur fashion is favored by high-grade, high-consumption fashion people who pursue alternatives and seek individuality. The embellishment of leather and fur will bring rich elegance and luxury to denim, evening dresses and dresses. Therefore, they are always the flowers that never fade on the runway. Nowadays, laser cutting and engraving machine encounter with leather sweet, and laser engraving processing as a new processing method, with its advantages of precise and quick operation, high automation, etc., is widely used in the leather industry.
The laser beam is used to mark the surface of the leather material with a permanent mark. The effect of the marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, thereby engraving beautiful patterns, trademarks and characters. The laser path change is driven by two galvanometer motors. The third axis is driven by a pre-scanning focusing system to provide a wide adjustment of the focus distance. By numerically controlled laser irradiation, the dye on the surface of the leather is vaporized, thereby producing an image pattern, a gradient flower shape, a perforated hollow, and the like which are not faded on various leathers.

Precautions during the use of leather laser engraving machine

1. Avoid looking directly at the laser light with your eyes.

2. Use laser in the controllable area and add warning signs.

3. Operate the machine must be by trained personnel.

4, Enclose the beam path to prevent leakage of laser light.

5. Wear appropriate laser goggles.

6. Avoid entering the beam and its reflectiona range.

7. Move unnecessary reflective objects (such as metal materials) next to the work object.

8. Pay attention to the ventilation or exhaust conditions of the laser processing environment.

The application of laser cutting and engraving machines in the leather industry has broken the traditional manual and electric shears, which are slow, difficult to typeset, low in efficiency and material waste. Its fast speed and simple operation bring great benefits to the development of the leather industry. You only need to input the graphics and dimensions you want to cut into the computer. The laser engraving machine will cut the entire material into the finished product according to the data on your computer without tools, and molds, and you can save a lot of human resources. Therefore, laser engraving machines are also widely used in the leather industry.

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