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What about CO2 laser marking machine?

The CO2 laser marking machine uses a laser beam to mark permanent surfaces on a variety of different materials.

The effect of marking is to expose deep materials through evaporation of surface materials, thereby engraving exquisite patterns, trademarks, dates, logos or characters.

At present, CO2 laser marking machines are mainly using in some occasions requiring more precise and higher precision.

Used in food, medicine, wine, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, building materials, PVC pipe and other industries, the main advantage of CO2 laser marking machine and inkjet printer is that there is no consumables and permanent

Applicable materials and industrial applications
The CO2 laser marking machine can engrave a variety of non-metallic materials.

Used in garment accessories, pharmaceutical packaging, architectural ceramics, beverage packaging, fabric cutting, rubber products, shell nameplates, craft gifts, electronic components, leather fabrics, bamboo and wood products, label paper and other industries.

Typical application cases, such as laser marking of packaging boxes, paper printing, and printing of metal detonator casings.

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