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what laser safety level is there?

According to the classification criteria of laser grades, different grades represent different hazard levels and usage restrictions, so not all products can be sold in any market at any laser level. Next, we will discuss several common problems with laser levels, and I hope to draw your attention:

1. Do children’s toy laser products have to meet Class 1 requirements?

When laser technology is applied to toys, whether it is visible or invisible lasers, special attention should be paid to children who are curious and do not understand the meaning of the warning signs. They may continue to look at the laser in a very dangerous way and cause serious eyes. hurt. At present, especially in China, many children can easily obtain products such as laser pens or toy laser projectors. The laser power of some products is much higher than the limit of Class 1, which is a very big safety hazard.Therefore, countries are required to require toy laser products to meet the Class 1 rating.

2. Is the Class 1 laser absolutely safe?

Some Class 1 lasers do not pose a hazard to humans because of their inherently low transmit power, but not all lasers do. There are many lasers classified as Class 1 that may use Class 3B or 4 laser sources internally. If we use them improperly, when opening the protective casing of the machine or deliberately changing the optical path, it may cause a higher level of laser beam leakage, resulting in Personal hazard.

3.Why do the indicator lasers must be set within Class 2 first?

Laser pens, laser measuring equipment, tools with laser indicating equipment, etc., can be accessed or used by ordinary consumers, and their grades are generally not higher than Class 3R. Some markets, such as Europe, Australia, etc., require indicator lasers, such as laser pens, to meet the requirements of Clsss 2 or lower to be sold.

4. What if we can’t determine the level of the laser?

During the development and debugging process, we sometimes cannot determine the laser level of a certain part of the product. At this time, we cannot simply assume that the level is the same or a low level as the laser source because of trouble. On the contrary, we generally want Assume that it is Class 3B or even Class 4, and take adequate safety measures such as wearing laser safety glasses and protective gloves to avoid accidents.

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