EZCAD JCZ control card

EZCAD JCZ control card

JCZ Ezcad control card


This JCZ control card supplied with axis which you can connected to a rotary device. This ezcad card can control Raycus laser, JPT lasesr, IPG laser, Max laser, etc. This is with 72 hours running test before delivery. This JCZ card will get support from supplier, if you need to change a card please take a picture of your old card and confirm with Guangzhou focuslaser. We will make sure you can replace it without any problem. As sometime, card port directions are different. This need to be more careful especailly used for a portable laser marking machine unit. As a portable fiber laser marking machine is small space inside. What‘s more, UV laser marking and CO2 laser marking machine can not choose this control card. If for CO2 laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine will choose another model control card.


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