Laser Engraving Cutting Machines

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Laser Engraving Cutting Machines Focuslaser Unique control system to realize feature points cutting, whole pattern cutting and mark points cutting;   Embroidery logo cutting;Dyeing and printing patterns cutting;Advertisement,Crafts, Leather,Toys,Garments,Model,Paper cutting,etc This series is optional rotary device and automatic up-down working table, controlled by computer software automatic, not only engraving on big thickness materials, also engraving on cylinders made of various materials effectively with vivid designs, higher compatible. It widely applied for engraving and cutting on acrylic, double-colored board, plywood, MDF, rubber, plastic etc. for advertisement, decorative, crafts and gifts, stamp and model industries. Model Processing Area  Laser Power FL-6040RM 600*400MM 60W/70W/80W/100W (Optional) FL-9060RM 900*600MM R=Rotary  M=Motorized Up-Down Customized Specification is Available Laser Type Co2 Glass Laser Tube Ascending and