UV Laser

How many different materials can a UV laser machine engrave?

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In comparison to CO2 and Fiber laser technology, UV laser technology is significantly different. UV engrave using a cold laser. This technology often known as the blue laser beam, has the ability to engrave with a very low rate heat. One of the key factors in this technology's ability to engrave over a variety of materials

UV laser marking machine advantages

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UV laser marking machine which is known as excellent performance and convenient operation UV laser belongs to cold light source. When laser cutting or marking, the thermal effect is very small, so it is more suitable for deep processing of materials sensitive to thermal effect. UV laser has narrower pulse width and higher peak

Why UV laser marking machine is more popular than fiber laser?

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UV laser marking machine is a product of laser marking machine series, and it is also a newly developed laser processing technology. Because the traditional laser marking machine which is hot processing technology, the improvement space in precision has limited development. However, UV laser marking machine is a kind of cold processing, so the

Fiber laser, CO2 laser, UV laser difference

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1. Fiber laser: 1064nm wavelength can be get effected on metal, such as gold, silver, stainless steel, copper brass, ABS, and even with some methods to be marked on ceremic. 2. CO2 laser: 10600nm, this is for glass, wood,