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What is the Fiber laser machine?

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Fiber laser are the most common laser types for material processing including laser marking, laser engraving, and laser cutting. Negligible maintenance and virtually zero requirement of consumables. For Fiber Laser, the estimated lifetime for laser source will be around 100,000hours under standard working conditions. There’re 2 types of Fiber laser: Q-Switched- Most popular type of

What is the difference between Laser Marking And Engraving

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Laser engraving works by using a high-powered laser to physically remove the surface layer of the material, creating a cavity that reveals an image. It’s typically used for logos, barcodes, QR codes and other text markings on plastics and metals. Laser marking works by using a low-powered laser to mark the surface of a material without destroying the material itself. This is

What Is A Fiber Laser, And Which One Should You Get?

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What is a Fiber Laser? A fiber laser is a type of laser that uses a fiber optic cable as its gain medium. They are used in a variety of applications including medical, industrial, and scientific. There are many different types of fiber lasers, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The type of

How to mark stainless steel cups with a rotary

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1.Prepare the design files in vector format (SVG/AI/PLT/DXF etc) for laser engraving. 2.Set up the rotary device. Make the Rotary connect to the laser marking machine. Measure Cups diameter and adjust the rotary position, focal length and marking area. (Experiment with different speed and power settings if needed.) 3.We always suggest to keep one

How to mark rings with a rotary

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1.Set up the rotary device and measure the inside and outside diameter of rings. 2.To input diameter to EZCAD software and adjust the speed and power settings if needed. 3.Adjust the rotary position, focal length and marking area. 4.We always suggest to keep onesample as testing sample. 5.After you are finish the testing and

How many different materials can a UV laser machine engrave?

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In comparison to CO2 and Fiber laser technology, UV laser technology is significantly different. UV engrave using a cold laser. This technology often known as the blue laser beam, has the ability to engrave with a very low rate heat. One of the key factors in this technology's ability to engrave over a variety of materials

UV laser marking machine advantages

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UV laser marking machine which is known as excellent performance and convenient operation UV laser belongs to cold light source. When laser cutting or marking, the thermal effect is very small, so it is more suitable for deep processing of materials sensitive to thermal effect. UV laser has narrower pulse width and higher peak

Why UV laser marking machine is more popular than fiber laser?

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UV laser marking machine is a product of laser marking machine series, and it is also a newly developed laser processing technology. Because the traditional laser marking machine which is hot processing technology, the improvement space in precision has limited development. However, UV laser marking machine is a kind of cold processing, so the